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If you haven’t been to a THATCamp before, you are not alone. We borrowed the idea from the digital humanities crowd. This is where it all started. THATCamp stands for the Humanities and Technology Camp and is a user-generated unconference for technologists and humanities professionals to share skills and experiences, talk about old problems and new ideas and so on. It is all about peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity in an informal and participatory setting. You can find some great tips on attending unconferences online.

Some of the things that we have thought may be interested to talk about include:
* Business models
* Publishing strategies (institutional, research, independent, global, commercial hybrid)
* Partnerships and collaborations between presses – opportunities and barriers
* Editorial processes – quality control and credibility
* Marketing and promotion – discovery and push
* Technical processes – production and integration
* Impact for research – OA and metrics
* Publishing futures – multimedia, data, web integration/fusion, experimentation, risk, scholarly communication 2.0 etc.

If you would like to run a session on one of these topics and other issues that you feel passionate about, please get in touch with Ross Coleman.

We look forward to seeing you there.